Your survival guide for a changing planet.

Your survival guide for a changing planet

Climate change is scary. Life Raft is not.

In a podcast from WWNO, WRKF and PRX, reporter Travis Lux and comedian Lauren Malara answer your questions about living with climate change. How bad will the flooding get? Should I raise my house on stilts? Will New Orleans even be viable as a city? We’ll tackle it all.

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Have I Had My Last Good Oyster? Life Raft

Is climate change coming for oysters? This week on Life Raft we take a dive into the world of food. We drop by a famous New Orleans oyster bar, and visit with an oyster scientist to get a better feel for the ways a changing climate threatens oysters, and what’s being done to help ‘em out. Got a question you want us to explore? Send it to us! There’s a super simple form on our website. For bonus pictures and extra fun vibes, follow us on social media. We’re on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Climate change is scary, but Life Raft is not!
  1. Have I Had My Last Good Oyster?
  2. Is It Ever Gonna Be Too Hot To Live Here?
  3. Trailer: Welcome To Life Raft

Episode 1: ‘Is it ever gonna be too hot to live here?’

Hosts Lauren and Travis talk to a doctor about what happens to the human body when it starts to overheat, and to a New Orleans resident on a mission to cool off her neighborhood by planting hundreds of trees.

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